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Address: 19H Maxgrand Plaza, No.3 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Email: [email protected]

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Welcome to Bit Trade

Today’s realities create conditions where the implementation of innovative digital technologies is becoming more and more relevant. In particular, the implementation of the distributed ledger technology as well as decentralized information platforms whose infrastructure operates using this technology.

Our Company strives to keep pace with the times and provides services for interaction with one of the up-to-date and dynamically developing decentralized information platforms based on the distributed ledger technology — the Bitbon System Social Network.

The development of the Bitbon System is aimed at upgrading e-commerce using tools of the distributed ledger technology, which allow implementation of new means of accounting and disposing of property including financial resources in deals with products and services.

Bit Trade specializes in state-of-the-art service to provide Bitbon software buy/sell transactions between website Users to access the Bitbon System Social Network as well as in partnership service to promote products and services available on the website.

In addition to a wide range of basic services, the Company also provides a full range of qualified information and technical support for giving timely advice to Users on the use of Bit Trade services.

4 responses to “BIT.TRADE Review”

  1. I suggest anyone who has been scammed to contact the police. It is necessary to create a mass character, to combine several cases into one!

  2. Investors are outraged by the concealment of contact details by the authors of the Bit Trade project. Sharaga specifically does not indicate his location and phone numbers so that deceived users do not bother. Experienced traders warn newcomers in their reviews: the project looks tempting only at first glance, in reality it is a regular “soap bubble” that will burst at any time, it will not be possible to knock money out of scammers. It makes no sense to invest in the Bitbon system

  3. This is a bunch of scammers. Their girl is engaged in acquaintance with men, fills in how she trades through her brother. My brother has been in this thread for a long time. Allegedly, she already lives in Austria. Then you meet your brother, your brother sends you to the Head of the Analytical Department, her name is Regina Davydova. She closes 7 currency transactions for you and everything is a plus. Then he offers to enter the interbank market. A letter is being written from the support service, you have earned so much there. Pay a 20% commission. The bottom line is that you pay a commission on your extra money, and not deducted from the earned ones. Then, after payment, the amount is credited to your account on the site.

  4. These are crooks. Losing my $1200. They want to help, for this they pay so much more.

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