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Why choose BitMart ?

We provided fast, secure, and professional crypto trading services

24/7 Support

Our support team is available 24/7. We are receptive to your needs and are always available to help you out.


Advanced risk control system in the market. Hybrid hot/cold wallet systems and multi-signature technologies.

Easy to use

Purchase cryptos with credit/debit cards. 750+ high-quality currencies and 800+ trading pairs available. One-stop platform to initiate your cryptocurrency in

4 responses to “BITMART Review”

  1. Do not do anything on this exchange. They are all scammers there, better ******, although she was considered miserable, but the bitmart exchange defeated everyone. On this exchange, the token stands still, while on others the norms are growing, and the difference from other exchanges is at least 15% less. This is a miserable exchange, even when the token is growing, it does not allow orders to be closed and argues that there is no buyer for them. Bugs happen for more than 2-3 weeks, at this time you can’t sell the crypt, but forget about the reward, they stupidly don’t pay, and the events are deleted and that’s it.

  2. Somehow I didn’t get along with them. Maybe the stars have not become so =) My friends, I know, feel fine here, they deposit-withdraw-trade. But on the withdrawal of 80 (eighty) dollars, they suddenly accused me of suspicious activity.
    I ran into the support with a drill – they very politely promised to sort it out. But they didn’t figure it out. He didn’t bang his head against the wall. Nerves are more expensive.

  3. 3 months worked with this exchange. And today it was not possible to log in – it gives an error that “Your account is at risk.” Tech support replied that the account was permanently suspended, and I quote: “Your account may have been used maliciously for dishonest, predatory and misleading activities.”
    Didn’t do anything illegal. The money remained on the exchange for more than 4 thousand USDT. They are not going to return them. What to do, tell me, those who know?

  4. If you bought a crypto when it fell, and for example, in an hour it fell by 15-30%, then you will not be able to sell it. The service will write that the order has been executed, but the crypt will remain. A screenshot will be attached, but when it falls again, then you can sell, checked. I re-entered 2-4 times, and tried it on a PC and phone, there was no sense until it fell. But the exchange is miserable, it takes a percentage for buying and selling. For spot trading, don’t think this is the first on this exchange.
    We have 2 of the most gallim exchanges. The first is already Bitmart, and the second ******, but on Bitmart all new tokens are 99.8% scam and the joke is that you won’t even wait on the spot when it grows. They close it at the stage when all of your spot will be less than 5%, the one on ****** scam is 99%.
    Here’s an example for you: according to Bitmart, the Moon crypt is only on this exchange, they pumped it up, then 2800 bucks, and now it’s gone by 0.18 bucks, cash is also only pumped up to 119 bucks on this exchange. And now 0.18-0.22 bucks, the Monopolymeta crypt has also been pumped up, and will also be closed soon. Another Tiktoken crypt, you can still transfer more than 30 tokens, most importantly, they are only on this Bitmart exchange.
    So experienced traders will definitely not go to this exchange. All the crypto that I listed and another 20 tokens will soon be closed specifically so that people get into it. If you don’t believe me, go in, look, when it came out and what other exchanges have it, you will understand. It is only there and pumped up, and then removed from the listing, so do not go to this exchange.

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