Friday the 1st 2023

KUNA Review


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Address: Eišiškių Sodų 18-oji g. 11, LT-02194 Vilnius, Lithuania

Email: [email protected]

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The reserve ratio for banks is less than 10% of raised funds total amount. Our exchange always reserves 100% of money. Therefore users can withdraw all money from their accounts and it will not affect the work of our exchange.

4 responses to “KUNA Review”

  1. I practically have no doubt that this is some kind of clone of Ukrainian stock exchanges. Who does not remember and does not know such – BTC-e, WEX and the current yobit. The first two deceived their clients, the third one is just a scam, I think that it will also collapse soon. So, I can also say about Kuna. I don’t trust Ukrainians much, they love to scam people. And this exchange is very similar to such a project, which in the end will not allow you to withdraw money, will feed you with breakfast and promises that you will be withdrawn. The first thing you should do is to withdraw all the money, if you have any there. And if not, then do not start in any case!

  2. Well, this is probably the last place you should go to trade cryptocurrency. Why even cast a glance at such low-liquid exchanges? Yes, this is an Asian exchange. but here, apart from the Asians, no one trades. as for me – I don’t know why the site was created, but probably most likely for a scam and money laundering, as they like to do in the crypt

  3. The exchange uses your bitcoins for their own purposes. Didn’t you know? Yes, almost everyone does it. Because of this, there are frequent delays in the withdrawal, except of course their super token))

  4. There is little information about the company, it does not have a very good reputation at all, as I looked on the Internet.

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