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About company:

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency platform that includes an exchange, an IPO platform and a service for quickly exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat. LATOKEN has been operating since 2017. It is one of the twenty largest crypto exchanges in the world. Supports trading in over 450 cryptocurrencies. Its turnover is more than 300 million dollars per day. In addition, platform users can earn up to 160% per annum on staking coins.

13 responses to “LATOKEN  Review”

  1. I’ve been trading coins with many other exchange platforms; everything went good except with Latoken., the worst exchange I’ve ever encountered. I feel regret of not reading these reviews before sending my coins into Latoken account.
    Exactly as written from bad reviews, coins take forever to deposit into Latoken account, chat support showed up ask you a question and disappeared.
    Latoken have a charge of 1% deposit fee for XRP. However, the service is at the bothom.
    I wonder how could Latoken have 5 stars reviews!!! I think they are all fake reviews. If Latoken wants to have real 5 star reviews, improve your services then.

  2. Thank you for following up on my account so speedily. I appreciate your swift action and always informing me of your progress.

    Thank you

  3. LATOKEN very very good
    I sent about 783 nem currency from my wallet to LATOKEN exchange office, but unfortunately it did not reach its destination
    The support of this exchange helped me and the money came back
    Thank you

  4. THIS is 100% Smoothest Scam you may found in this earth. DO NOT TRUST ANY GOOD REVIEW ABOUT THEM as in some of the tasks they might have been forced to write a good thing about the dirty company profile.
    If you are a type of the hard crypto trader, then get ready to be FOOLED with their price (not real time, error, etc) and the fee (irrational).
    And if you are one of the airdrop seeker, get ready to lose your reward because they are going to STEAL YOUR REWARD as so many projects already reported them for the reduction (ex: a project send them $10.000 to be distribute and promissed you get $10, but at the end of the day you only get $0.001).
    One more important thing: THEY HAVE YOUR DATA! Do an international crime report whenever bad thing happened to you!

  5. I want to buy tokens at LaToken but there are so many negative feedbacks, comments, and experiences against La Token. Just be careful. Research, research, and research. It’s your money by the way. I will just look for other exchanges with high trust rating. Think twice before depositing to exchanges like this.

  6. This is the most useless exchange ever. Not only that the exchange doesn’t have good volume, they list coins and after a while, the volume dies off those coins. Recently, I login to my account to see that I have a coin with no volume and the last trade activity was in February. I checked my wallet and they removed inactivity fees. I searched my email and the inactivity fee message was embedded in a body of their misleading email. They intentionally didn’t want their customers to know they will rip them off. No exchange takes inactivity fees. Also, you don’t take the fee, without sending a dedicated email to all customers. I will still write this post in another blog. Useless exchange.

  7. They positive reviews are fake.
    Over almost a year since i have complained they are still not returning my funds, which they owe me as referral fees for the ieos.
    beware of scammers people. joe

  8. We worked with Latoken since January 2019 offering their ieo.
    this exchange is the worst scam ever LATOKEN SCAMMED US FOR 18,000+ USD in referral fees! do not deal with them!!!

  9. I’m not a trader like people, who are leaving here the reviews. I tried LAtoken couple of month ago when I invested in Monarch IEO. Since then i have contributed in few more IEOs and as an investor i can say, that Latoken provides fair and quality service with the opportunity to analyze almost all IEOs thar are upcoming on all crypto exchanges.

  10. Horrible exchange. It’s been over two days and still no withdrawal. Be very cautious using this exchange.

  11. Stay away from these folks, they are absolutely useless and won’t help with any issue you have.

  12. LATOKEN is a big scam. I have lost more than 3000$ by investing with them. The customer support really sucks. It has been almost 45 days still no response from them. They are still investigating my account and I lost my trust on recovering my money. I would never recommend them to anyone.

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