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Phone: +442080978880

Address: Sweetwood Drive Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Montana Trading LTD was founded by a team of Forex and Fin-Tech Industry veterans, with decades of accumulated experience in the Financial Services Industry across the 5 continents.

What we do

We provide any Retail Investor with the same opportunities that institutional investors have all across the Global Financial Eco System.

Why us

We provide any Retail Investor with the same opportunities that institutional investors have all across the Global Financial Eco System.

We provide

Seminars, webinars, education

Interact with our specialists by attending one of our free in-person seminars or webinars. With extensive experience in the global markets, our speakers are ideally placed to introduce you to new strategies.

Dedicated customer service

Customer service is our top priority. Our multilingual team is available 24/5 to provide you with dedicated technical support.

4 responses to “MONTANA TRADING LTD Review”

  1. What kind of broker is this, with an office in the USA and offering trading in CFD products? But is it okay that in this country this type of activity is prohibited by law, and not a single broker can calmly open up in the USA and start offering this kind of service, since they contain an element of a conflict of interest? And that the US regulator will immediately close such a company, and close the founder behind bars? Who will buy into such a scam offered by Montana Trading LTD? Yes, even by leverage it becomes clear that this company cannot work from the USA, so its address in Colorado is clearly fake.

  2. Oooh, good old swindler friends who created their next scam. I already wrote a review once about such lousy fraudulent companies as this one. I will tell a secret to all traders – such a Forex scam, like this one, does not exist in a single copy. There are a huge number of such Lokhov offices that throw people in black at the money. One by one, scammers create these template sites, changing some details, but most of them still remain the same: the same platform, the same scheme of work, similar types of accounts and other conditions. These scammers got their website a month ago, plus or minus, look at the date of registration of their domain, and you yourself will understand everything.

  3. As soon as I started working with absolutely legal offices, the profit immediately popped up, and I stopped falling for an outright scam. This broker is definitely illegal and his activities are black. The fact is that in order to legally provide brokerage services, you need to obtain a license, they do not have it, that’s what needed to be proven. If you are a resident of Russia, then look for a forex dealer with a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and then you will be happy.

  4. And somehow you shouldn’t really have any desire to work with a fake broker. Deceived with the address, deceived with money, be prepared for this. And I would never risk my own hard-earned money for anything. Nafig it is necessary to take such a huge risk. No, well, of course you see for yourself. If for you this does not cause any doubts, then for God’s sake. Only then do not complain that this scam stole your money.

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