Monday the 4th 2023

Abshire Smith Review

Abshire Smith is a London based brokerage firm that offers a vast of derivative products across a number of platforms and connections, including foreign exchange (FX), contracts-for-difference (CFD), precious metals, soft commodities as well as Futures, Equities and Securities.

One of the great features of Abshire Smith is that the Broker act as an intermediary between clients through 3 trading platforms, FIX/API connections, and platform bridges that connect orders to liquidity providers, aggregators, and major exchanges.

2 responses to “Abshire Smith Review”

  1. Risk management is nonexistent here. They actively encourage reckless trading strategies, leading to substantial losses.

  2. Hidden fees are everywhere with this broker. They nickel and dime you at every turn, making it impossible to turn a profit.

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