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DIACI Review



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We endeavor to provide our clients with high-quality tools and meaningful knowledge to securely control their financial destinies and participate in markets.

Since establishing and launching our own trading platform, we have assisted thousands of like-minded traders and investors in realizing their financial potential. We recognized that the current market solutions lacked the data-driven approach we wanted, so we created our own. Our platform was designed with our clients in mind. Our consumers enjoy trading. Therefore we designed a specialized platform for them using our in-house experience.

From commodities to equities, Forex to cryptocurrency, the webtrader platform enables users to stay ahead of the market and make informed transactions. We save our users time and give them the most up-to-date market information by offering customized and expert guidance on our platform. Furthermore, we are always modifying and enhancing the platform to improve performance and empower our clients to get the most out of their portfolios.

DIACI was started by a group of expert traders who were weary of the earned money by any means mindset and wanted to be a part of a firm they could be proud of.

Our clients have access to a diverse range of global markets, with over 5,000 markets to choose from, spanning Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and cryptocurrencies. We assist traders’ development by providing them with the necessary resources to improve their trading abilities.

We are dedicated to offering a market-leading service based on reasonable and transparent pricing and extensive customer support.

4 responses to “DIACI Review”

  1. I don’t see how you can invest in this. The company doesn’t even have a license, does it? How can you trust money to a broker operating without a license? I do not even trust companies that do not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and there are only 4 such companies.
    And here it is clearly some kind of foreign office, most likely a typical offshore company, and without regulation. The probability of a scam is 100%, so think)

  2. This office is tough scammers and swindlers who easily speak their teeth and bred for money transfers. Fraudsters disguised as consultants scammed me for money, and I didn’t have much money, a maximum of $ 1,000, so they cleverly managed to persuade me to take out a bank loan to invest money in online trading. They promised that in 2-3 months I would win back all my capital, I could withdraw my body and close the loan, and then I would have a solid account, on the interest from which they could live and enjoy themselves without any problems.

  3. I’ll be a little vanga. If you invest your money in this kennel, you will lose it. DIACI will not refund you a cent. The broker began to breed people not so long ago, this year. It works like a kitchen, there is nothing to check and be surprised. The best way to counter such scammers is not to make deposits. After all, scammers just create their fake companies in the hope that there will be mammoths who will invest their money in their scammers.

  4. All money was invested in a brokerage account with DIACI. But instead of the promised earnings, my deposit gradually melted and lost money. In the first week -10% drawdown, then another and another, as a result, for 3 weeks I had an active drawdown on the deposit of more than 80%. From the manager-analyst, I heard only one thing: you need to invest money, buy more, average, as the price is about to turn around, and I will not only recoup losses, but also earn good money. But I didn’t have any money to deposit.

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