WEBSITE: https://www.distinctmotorsltd.co.uk/

PHONE: 0161 762 0567

ADDRESS: Unit 1 Park Road, Bury, BL9 5BQ

EMAIL: [email protected]

About company:

Quality car retailer of Bury

At Distinct Motors we are proud to offer only the finest quality of used cars available, handpicked from our Franchised dealer partners and specialist used car buyers. We are proud to offer you only first class customer service, accompanied with competitive pricing checked daily in order to reach our goals of complete customer satisfaction, and more importantly surpassing our customers’ goals and expectations leaving a memorable buying experience.

At Distinct Motors we want to stand out from the rest. From previous customer feedback we have a clear vision on how this is to be continued and maintained. Please take a look at our ever expanding range of used quality affordable used cars, tailored to all budgets without compromising quality or customer service.

At Distinct motors we have learned that peace of mind is paramount, which is why we cover all used cars with a 3 month warranty covering engine and gearbox as standard, with the option to extend the warranty from 3 months to 36 months using only the most competitive prices around.

All our prices are checked and monitored on a daily basis, to ensure we are continuously competitive and we are confident in beating our rivals in offering greater value for money across the UK.


  1. I watched the reports of several cars sold in Crystal Motors Kemerovo – the mileage was rolled up before the sale – what’s the point of contacting them? Clear signs of fraud, other reviews confirm this. People affected by their actions – do not hesitate to contact law enforcement agencies.

  2. Guys, do not get fooled by the promises of a quick car sale! Matter of chance. Especially expensive cars. Sell ​​yourself through available services. No need to feed the scammers.
    I put my car up for sale. The contract specifies a period of at least 25 days for free placement of the car. 5 days before the end of the contract (as indicated in the conditions), I wrote a letter of termination. 5 days later came to pick up the car. It turned out that my application was safely lost and I had to pay 5 thousand rubles for pre-sale preparation. The bickering lasted a long time, cost nerves and came to threats to call the police on my part. I paid and took the car out of fear that something would be done to it.

  3. Scammers!!!!
    They call on the phone, they say that “allegedly” there is a client in a car loan for your car, they say you need to come and draw up documents … and that they are obliged to lay out the car in their car dealership … for the bank supposedly …
    As a result, there is no “fictitious” buyer… no one has issued any loans… and you can pick up the car only after 25 days… in a word, scammers!!!
    I am suing them for misrepresentation with the aim of deception, since the car is needed for daily use …

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