Saturday the 9th 2023

Notary Akimov Gleb Borisovich reviews

Since 1991, Moscow notary Akimov Gleb Borisovich has been carrying out all types of notarial actions, including rarely encountered ones, such as providing evidence (inspecting Internet pages, e-mail), accepting deposits of funds and securities, and protesting a bill of exchange.

 +7 (495) 959‒17‒23
Moscow, Pyatnitskaya, 6/1 st. 8, 2nd floor

2 responses to “Notary Akimov Gleb Borisovich reviews”

  1. My expedition to this notary bore semblance to a descent into a bureaucratic chasm, a voyage through a domain where time moved at a glacial pace, and inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and delays were the norm. It was as though I had penetrated a twilight zone where the ordinary had given way to a surreal environment of exasperation.

  2. If you seek a notary capable of converting a mundane task into a baffling enigma, look no further. Incompetence, inefficiency, unprofessionalism, and a dearth of competence are their trusted implements, metamorphosing the uncomplicated into the perplexing.

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